• As a Residential Contractor, J. Ross Homes is responsible for hiring subcontractors, providing permits and utility services, managing personnel on site, and scheduling all work to meet the expected deadlines and completion dates.

• J. Ross Homes carries Workers Comprehensive Insurance to comply with the requirements of the State of Georgia, as well as liability and Risk Insurance.

• Remodeling and additions have become a part of our business in the past five years as more people decide to upgrade their existing homes rather than build new homes. We have enclosed rear porches to become comfortable heated and cooled Sun Rooms or dens where the otherwise roofed area was not useable. The addition of a fireplace and beautiful windows can turn a drab area into an inviting retreat.

• Kitchen remodels have also become very popular with older homes. This is the area where most families and friends gather to spend time and enjoy dining together. The options available are endless for appliances, countertops, cabinet design and overall use of space. Remodeling a kitchen adds tremendous value to an otherwise outdated space.

• Also popular in remodeling is the master bath. This area is a retreat for the homeowners to relax and indulge in private luxury. Special tubs, showers, and plumbing equipment can transform an area into a personal spa. The ideas are endless as to materials, colors and textures to make your bath more wonderful than you could imagine.

• Landscaping and Outdoor Structures

• The space outside your back door can become a room for entertaining and relaxing. The addition of a masonry fireplace, a fire pit or a pavilion can make the outdoors an attractive and inviting environment for you and your guests. The use of water for fountains or a simple wet bar can transform your ideas into an oasis.

• The use of retaining walls, patio areas covered with stone, brick or any outdoor surfaces surrounded by plantings make a home more enjoyable and greatly increases the salability and market value.

• J. Ross Homes is also licensed to do light commercial projects. Whether an office space, a retail store, or other commercial interest we are capable of performing the duties of a light commercial contractor.